About Us

ZIZTAR created by SISTERS, Mabel and Zuice.
Mabel, the marketing director, graduated from Aston University and major in Managerial Administrative Study.
Zuice, the creative director, graduated from London College of Fashion and major in Fashion Photography.
The 6 years difference between the sisters have situated them in two different part of the world every once in a while among Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. They were educated in the same family background but have built extremely different character; one is mature and practical, another one is emotional and a fantasy lover. This contrasting chemistry between them has always been the iron link connecting them in heart and acting the best team work. Finally, after all these years of life experiences, it is the perfect timing for reunion. They are now following their father's path and working together in the family business, fashion garment manufacturer and retail branding. They wanted to convince everyone so badly with all their energies, efforts and fashion products as well as to prove to their own family the great power of ZIZTAR.
Mabel, a mother of two sons and Zuice, a fresher in the society now announced to follow their passion and mission to form the Fashion brand ZIZTAR and let the sisterhood shine like a star.