ZIZTAR Birthday Celebration

ZIZTAR Birthday Celebration

Hello our gals! We are so so excited to inform you that it's ZIZTAR's 2nd birthday tomorrow!!!!! We cannot be happier and more thankful of what had happened to us since the brand was born <3

Have you seen this? Yes this is us! We are ZIZTAR and we are everywhere :D

We are everywhere it's because ZIZTAR's 2nd birthday is coming real soon, like we mentioned. We got pink and fun to celebrate the start of our birthday month!!

We had been through so so much, happiness, sadness, excitements, disappointments, etc. And we are 100% sure that we wouldn't be able to achieve half of the success without all your support and love <3
We cannot thank you enough for always being there for us but here is the start :P
So there will be a pop-up box up on our site tomorrow, simply 'like' either one of our soical media platforms within the box, and you will get a special 22% off discount code for all the SS16 new arrivals!

You can also get the special discount code from these posters
Go spot us and enjoy!!! 

We will have another surprise to announce tomorrow!
Stay tuned!!

Lots of LOVE,

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