The Universe of Denim

The Universe of Denim

We want to know who never owe a denim item in their life. Anyone?
Because no matter their gender, age and style, people must have had at least one denim item. Back to the days, we only had denim jeans, but today ‘The Universe of Denim’ is  a huge deal with different currents representing trends, rather than just a single path of limited trends.
Denim is well known by offering a super-stretch with reshaping qualities, they often guarantee high performance with great comfort. From traditional denim jeans to jackets, dresses, skirts, overalls, shirts, bags and hats, etc. These stretching products offer not just supreme comfort but also a large mix and match selections for you to create the perfect looks. 
The wide range colours choice is also an outstanding selling point! 
Blue, black, white, red, yellow, brown, green, purple, etc.
Whatever you can think of! 

This spring summer season, ZIZTAR will bring back the trendy Denim Collection for y'all Denim die-hard fans!!!
Classic ZIZTAR went for the ordinary Blue Denim, but our brand signature - Prints are all over the collection as you can see :)

ZIZTAR Dance With Joy Crop Top

ZIZTAR Dance In Rhythm Dress

ZIZTAR Floral Ballet Girls Tank

ZIZTAR Dance In Rhythm Shorts

ZIZTAR The Floral Rain Dance Midi Skirt

ZIZTAR Floral Joy T-Shirt Dress

ZIZTAR Forget The Glazz Zlipper Tank

ZIZTAR Dance With Denim Pants

ZIZTAR Dance With Denim Skirt

ZIZTAR Floral Zhoulder In T-Dress

ZIZTAR SS16 Denim Collection is now available on !!

So, very excited! :D

Lots of LOVE,

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