Introducing ZIZTAR SS16 Collections

Introducing ZIZTAR SS16 Collections

Hello our lovel ZIZTARss! How are y'all?!
We hope you enjoyed your Chinese New Year holiday and have earned a lot of red pockets :P
After Chinese New Year, there is something new going on with ZIZTAR, as usual.
You can now pre-order ZIZTAR SS16 items on our site!!

Yessss! Some of the SS16 Collections are available on, not only that you can get to wear the latest SS16 fashion trends now, but also with a discount offer too!!! :D 

The Blossom Collection is currently available to Pre-order.

Do you also know that ZIZTAR has a kids clothing line in SS16 ?
Yes we bring to you 'Little ZIZTAR' in the comping season so that you can dress your little girl(s) up and be 'Like mother, like daughter'.
So adorable!! We simply can't handle *v*
ZIZTAR Little Dance In Floral Sea Top is available now. 

Mind you, Pre-order is for limited time only!!!
Get the latest trends with 30% off, NOW!!!

Lots of LOVE,

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