Experience Your Great Shopping Helper

Have you ever seen something online/ on Facebook/ on Instagram that you really want to get but there is no source whatsoever, then you got so frustrated, went through numerous of sleepless nights because you couldn't stop thinking about that/those items? 
Yea we have all been there and we know that the struggle is real! 
ZIZTAR wants to help to cut back your frustrations : Let us introduce the great Insta Shop function that is currently running on ZIZTAR website. 

See the Insta Shop option on the far right?
Click on it and you will see ZIZTAR latest Instagram photos instantly. 

Point to any of the photo and you will see 'SHOP THE LOOK' appears, 
Click on it and you can see the 
product link, guide you directly to the product page. 

So convenient right?
You will never missed any products that you love again and we can all sleep well at night :P 
It's up and running on our site www.ziztar.com now and the service will expand to ZIZTAR Facebook page and official Blog page shortly. 
You can shopping anytime, even on our social media platforms very soon in the future! 

Lots of LOVE,

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