How to Dress Like One Of The Most Influential Ladies On Earth

How to Dress Like One Of The Most Influential Ladies On Earth

Hello our lovely ZIZTARs !!!
It's so cold in Hong Kong these few days,
(apparently London is a lot warmer than Hong Kong! Whattttt?!)
Did you gals wrap up warm?
Please stay warm and take good care of yourself!

I think we need to talk about something 'hot' to hit up the cold, grey weather,
How about Taylor Swift huh??
She is one of the hottest ladies on plant earth at the moment (both outlook and her career),
she is also among with 'World's 100 Most Influential People according to TIME Magazine's annual list. Falling under the "icon" and "pioneer" categories respectively, her inclusion cements her status as icons of our time.

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

There are plenty of reasons for us to fall madly in love with Miss. Swift :
She is talented, she is well known for how much she cares about her fans and children with illness,
she is independent, she is not afraid to voice out for women's rights, basically she is all about feminism and she is an excellent example of it.
Let's not forget another very loveable element of Miss. Swift : The way she dresses.
WOW! Just wow! Miss. Swift never disappointed us, in fact, she surprises us every single day!
How?! How can someone constantly looks so good no matter which day and where it is?
Jealous, we are super jealous.
What if we tell you, you can actually look as good as Miss. Swift?
We have selected some of her off duty looks and with the help of ZIZTAR,
we can all create our own Taylor Swift looks! Say no more!!!

Photo Credit: Pinterest
ZIZTAR Zwallow Dress
Photo Credit: Pinterest

ZIZTAR Zquarez & Zquarez Coat
Photo Credit: Pinterest

ZIZTAR Slimming Cut Pants

Photo Credit: Pinterest

ZIZTAR Color Party Coat

Photo Credit: Pinterest

ZIZTAR Amazing Melody Overcoat

Photo Credit: Pinterest

ZIZTAR Mystical Flower Sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Pinterest

ZIZTAR Circle and Square Skirt
You are welcome!!! :P

Lots of LOVE,

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