Pick up your pen and Write your love

Pick up your pen and Write your love

Soooo it's that time of the year now...
Christmas is here again !!!
We still remember when we were young, we used to feel so excited about Christmas, 
to decorate around our house and to write/return Christmas cards to our friends. 
Can't remember since when though, we stopped wrapping up Christmas presents to our friends,
we stopped writing Christmas cards to my friends, instead, we write our blessings on our friends' 'Wall'
(Yea, on Facebook). Don't you think that's not personal and sincere enough?

This year, ZIZTAR wants to make a change. We came up with the campaign of 'Pick up your pen; put down your phone; write your love, don't type it' for us all to show our true love by writhing it on
ZIZTAR Happy Christmas Card
Yes, we designed a Christmas card, we put a full-of love pic of us in there and most importantly, 
we really want you to write down what's in your mind and your heart to the ones that you love. 
Treasure who you are with, be grateful for those who are always there for you. 
Act now, show the Christmas love <3
ZIZTAR Happy Christmas Cards are available to purchase now!
Please contact us via mail 
hello@ziztar.com or via Wechat: ZIZTAR 
Lots of LOVE, 

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