December 11, 2015

All women are beautiful,no matter their shape, size, colour or age. Yes, we truly believe that. 
In this case, Maye Musk, the 67-year old model proves that we are right.

Photo: Google
Here are a bit of background info of Maye:
She is the mother of Tesla and SpaceX and Paypal founder, billionaire Elon MuskMusk and she has been modelling since the 1960s, when she was 15. 
She needed to raise her three children back then so she worked five jobs including as a model, dietitian, and nutritionist to earn extra income. (What an inspiration!!)

Photo: www.huffingtonpost.com
Maye has a rather successful modelling career (She is 67 now and she is still a model, what do you say?!), she appears on the cover of Elle magazine, and recently a national advertising campaign for Virgin Atlantic Airways. She is also in Beyonce's Haunted music video.

Photo: www.huffingtonpost.com
And guess what ??? In the most recent editorial shoot that Maye done for US magazine Vanichi, she was wearing ZIZTAR AW15 hot item ZIZTAR Hint Of Love Shirt !!!!

She looks so chic and cool and we can't really tell this supermodel in from of us is already 67-year old!!

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 Thanks to Maye for wearing ZIZTAR and help us to spread the message : ZIZTAR IS FOR ALL AGES.

Lots of LOVE, 

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