ZIZTAR x Little Room Hint Of Love Backpack

ZIZTAR x Little Room Hint Of Love Backpack

So, ZIZTAR is selling backpacks now !!! Yes, we know :P

This super cute product is a collaboration with another inspirational local brand - Little Room, why Little Room? What's the bond between ZIZTAR and Little Room?
Well to start with, the founders of ZIZTAR are a pair of sister and the founders of Little Room are also a pair of sister! Well there you go! I mean talk about meant to be!

The reason why the 2 pair of sisters have decided to partner up is that they share the same belief :
They are eager to explore new areas, always have the courage to challenge themselves, and always willing to try something new. That is why they hit it off straight away and together, they designed and produced their very first cross-over item. 

The main message that ZIZTAR wants to deliver is their playful and fantasy mind. Therefore ZIZTAR has chosen their signature AW15 design — the casual hand-writing lyrics print as the design of the backpacks and Little Room deigned the shape of them. They want to create a chic yet simple design for different ladies and hope to strike the balance of stylish and practicability. 

Actually, ZIZTAR has set a interesting sales target for the backpacks: 
We infer every woman will own 100 handbags in their whole life, ZIZTAR's target is to get ZIZTAR x Little Room Backpack be one of the 100!! :D 

The backpacks are now available on ZIZTAR's site:



There are 2 different colours and 2 different sizes. 
Very limited stocks only! Grab it before it all gone!! 

Lots of LOVE, 


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