Double 11 Festival Promotion

Have you ever heard about Double 11 Festival / Single's Day ?
November 11th =11.11, it is made up of four singular numbers "1". The number "1" looks like a single stick, single stick in Chinese is "guang gun", which means single boy. So this day is for single people to celebrate their single lives.
Secondly, we all know that sale is a popular marketing method nowadays. So this Single's Day, which has this special meaning, becomes a perfect excuse for the shops to sale. Who don't like to buy things when it is on sale? So people go shopping.
You got to love the Chinese culture, really! :D 

So we have just told you the best way to spend your Single's Day is to go shopping! Yay! 
ZIZTAR got a superb offer to our lovely ZIZTARs!!!
At ZIZTAR's store @ Galeries Lafayette Beijing, we are offering 30% off of any item(s) at the moment! 
If you purchase RMB2000 or more, you will become ZIZTAR super VIP and enjoy another 10% off on top!!

Sales period from 11th - 15th Nov @ ZIZTAR Galeries Lafayette Beijing only
Don't miss the crazy sale! 

By the way, if you are in Beijing, remember to go and visit our store in  Galeries Lafayette !!!
It's amazing!

Lots of LOVE,

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