Little Chat with Mayo Wo

Little Chat with Mayo Wo

Recently ZIZTAR is preparing a little project called "Little Chat with ZIZTAR",
We aim to invite different fashionistas to have a little chat with us, share the latest fashion/beauty/lifestyle /fun news and tips with our ZIZTARs.
We have just launched the project, and it's so exciting to have the one and only Mayo Wo to be our first guest !!!!! *clap*

ZIZTAR Dreamy Flower Dress

 Mayo is one of the very first local Lookbook-ers/bloggers, she started to share her OOTD looks on in 2009 and started blogging in 2012. Now, she has over 89k fans on and over 49k followers on Instagram. This local IT girl is well known for her romantic, girly style along with her superb pastel tone mix & match skill. 

But Mayo is obviously more than that, let us exposure the other side of this super lovely girl:

ZIZTAR Melody Notes Skirt

Even her writing is prefect *v*

Mayo and ZIZTAR Co-Finder hit it off straight away :D

It was a huge success for ZIZTAR as a first time interviewer!
We had so much fun!!
Thank you once again for coming to visit us Mayo!!

We will have another fashionista to share the most updated news with us soon!
Stay tuned!

Lots of LOVE,

ZIZTAR xoxo 

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