Celebrities New Favourite

Celebrities New Favourite

If you are following ZIZTAR's Blog/Facebook page/Instagram, you will know that we just held our 1st Anniversary Pop Up.
So yes, ZIZTAR was established in 2014 and we are only one year old.
In just a year time, we have gained the support from Zalora, Forever 21, Galeries Lafayette Beijing and Who's Next Paris which we are extremely grateful for. 

Apart from the above mentioned business partners, ZIZTAR continuous expanding, we are in process to collaborate with more and more trendy units. 
We feel super-duper exciting about it and can't wait to share the great details with you all soon!
The reason why ZIZTAR keeps seeking for critical opportunities is that we hope to cooperate with top international fashion buyers and resellers to expand the global business. 
However, Hong Kong will always be our main development base because ZIZTAR is from and based in here! 
We attach great importance to the needs of Hong Kong's ZIZTARs and we are so touched that not only our lovely customers can feel our enthusiasm and devotion
and so as the famous local celebrities!
They put on ZIZTAR clothing for MV shooting, attend awards ceremonies, public events, etc to show their love and support towards ZIZTAR <3

Want to wear the same clothing as your idols?
Go get yourself some cool ZIZTAR outfits now!! -> www.ziztar.com 
Lots of Love,

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