First of all we'd like to say a huge thank you for those who came and support ZIZTAR Anniversary Pop Up!
It ended perfectly and we had the best 3 weekends ever! 
Just want to let you all know that your support is like a sunshine to us
We simply cannot live without it!! 
So, thank you again and we will see you all again very soon, we promise! 


As a brand which full of energy, we tend not to stop whatever happens!  
Therefore we have already came up with another super fun activity for all the ZIZTARs to participate right after the Pop Up Event ends: 


So here it is: #ZIZTAROFTHEDAY

Fashionistas alert !!
Want to share your superb styles with all the ZIZTARs out there?
Simply upload a pic in ZIZTAR outfit (ofcourse we welcome more than one cool pic from each ZIZTAR :D) and
we will pick the most stylish ZIZTARs to be the winners!

The winners will get USD30 store credit to keep zhopping with ZIZTAR for creating more epic looks!
To enter this fun project, kindly enter hashtag #ziztaroftheday when you upload your pics wearing ZIZTAR!
Can't wait to see all the fabulous ZIZTAR looks <3
Lots of LOVE, 

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