Last not least..

Last not least..

The last couple of weeks of summer, boy, do we have to make the most out of it! 
There are so much going on during summer and everybody is having fun, ZIZTAR absolutely loves the spirit :D 
That's why we scheduled our Anniversary Pop Up in summer to spread out the fun as much as we could ! 
So, here comes the last one.. Yes, very sad we know :( But hey, last but not least you know :-)

We received so much love from the first two Pop Up, we can still feel it right in our heart <3
We feel that we should do even more to thank all of you lovely ZIZTARs out there:
We hereby to offer you the one and only, ultimate crazy sale —
Purchase any item at ZIZTAR Anniversary Pop Up, you will get a 40% off discount straight away!! Second item or more?
 It gets better : EXTRA 10 % !!! 
Yes! We are not joking ! And yes it's inclusive, the offer apply to all items: Even the newest, hottest anniversary products!  

Come and join the last crazy wave before summer ends! 
Come and join the last crazy sale before your favourite items are all gone! 
We will be waiting for you, see you soon.
8th & 9th August, 2015
11am - 8pm
3/F, H3C Verandah
Lots of LOVE, 

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