Something huge for you..!

Something huge for you..!

So we heard ZIZTAR has some huge news to share!
Drum roll… please!
ZIZTAR is going to hold an epic Pop-up Event to celebrate its 1st anniversary ! Oh yes!!
So the purpose of the upcoming Pop-up Event is to meet our regular supporters and together, we celebrate ZIZTAR's success in the past year. 
ZIZTAR would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our brand to the public properly, to express our mission, our goals and the diversify of ZIZTAR's design. 

There will be three Pop-up Events in three separate weekends. 
 During the events, ZIZTAR will be selling SS15 on-season clothing as well as the long-awaited '1st Anniversary Limited Edition Collection' !!!!
Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss it !!!
More details are coming soon, stay tuned our lovely ZIZTARs!

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