Street-Style Storm

Street-Style Storm

If you are on Instagram and often check out fashion posts, you will discover that Street-Style photos are taking over the whole IG!
Not only saying that, even super high-end Italian Designer Brand - Valentino has became an unlikely Street-Style phenomenon.
Thinking of the house of Valentino and the street-style circus - it does not immediately spring to mind.
But over the past few years, under the creative direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the label that Mr. Garavani built atop full-throttle, red-carpet glamour has become a mainstay of the professionally lensed, the Anna Dello Russos and Miroslava Dumas of the world. How did it happen? 
Photo: Tommy Ton

 “Valentino is a couture brand,” says Piccioli, “and that’s something that we’ve really wanted to keep from the very beginning in our contemporary world. We’re concentrating on an effortless elegance, so it’s like wearing couture with a street attitude.”  Piccioli adds: “There are no codes—it’s a more individual attitude. We think that now the designer has to find a new balance,” Chiuri offers. “Women now want something special, but to use every day—not only for special occasions.”
There! Street-Style is basically a storm now. When huge brand like Valentino also promoting the phenomenon of Street-Style, that's how you know it — the trend is not gonna stop.

Photo: Tommy Ton

But I am not a professional photographer! What am I gonna do?! Don't panic, ZIZTAR is going to share the foolproof guide and help you to become a pro in 6 steps!

1). Know your camera
Take the time to read the manual! When you are buying a camera, have the retailer show you all the new options and how to work the camera to your advantage. It is best to have your camera set to manual so you can control to best suit your shooting situation, the F-stop, aperture and ISO.

2). Get low
Stand a good 15 feet away from the subject and kneel and adjust your height so the subject is in perfect perspective, if you are shooting too close and high then the subject can get distorted and is often unflattering and unprofessional looking.

3). Try different exposures

When you have the time and the subject in front of you, take the time to do at least three shots to ensure you have them in focus and the correct exposure.

4). Shoot early or late in the day
Generally, the best results for shooting are earlier in the day or later in the day, often mid day when the sun is high in the sky can make harsh shadows on faces and details with the shadows very dark and highlights blown out and too bright.

5). Learn how to use white balance 
Most digital cameras have the option to white balance for the lighting situation so based on whether it’s a overcast day or bright sunny day, white balance your camera before you start shooting as it will have a great effect on your colours and tone to your shots.

6). Get snap-happy
Shoot lots and shoot often – the more you shoot, the more comfortable and familiar you will get with your camera and its settings that it will come second nature.

Here are some street-style photos of a model dressing in ZIZTAR's outfits as an example :

Obviously, the most important thing about taking nice street-style pics is that you have some amazing clothing with the snaps :P
Well, ZIZTAR can definitely help you with that! Go check out our new in items and start taking pics in them!


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