Mega Girl Crush - Jessica Stein (Tuula Vintage)

Mega Girl Crush - Jessica Stein (Tuula Vintage)

So, our favourite Travel and Personal Style Blogger - Jessica Stein (Tuula Vintage) is in Hong Kong again! <3
Stein is an arguably Australia’s most high profile personal style blogger, and she was the only Australian blogger to rate a mention in WWD's explosive front page June 12 story on the upwardly-mobile salaries of the world's top fashion bloggers. 

Stein started her blog in 2010 after she had just returned from her first solo overseas trip of several months backpacking through Europe and decided to make a blog to post her travel photos. It quickly turned to both travel and fashion when she decided to sell a lot of the clothing she had collected from boutiques, vintage stores and markets while travelling in order to save up to visit Europe again the following summer. She was then live updating travel diaries and outfit posts while on the road, and have gained remarkable success which she had never excepted.


Stein is now one of Australia’s most influential fashion bloggers and a style icon to fashion-loving girls everywhere admired by over a million followers on Instagram and over eight hundred thousand fans on Facebook. Fashion blogger? Isn't she a travel blogger you said? Yes she was and she is still doing it. The reasons why Stein became world famous not only because she is living in everyone's dream: Travelling the globe 24/7, but she also takes amazing pictures (If you haven't even visited her blog/Instagram/Facebook yet, I urge you to do it, NOW! Trust me, her pictures are truly gorgeous!), on top of that, her mix&match skill is superb! She often comes up with the perfect style theme which matches the city that she is visiting! For us girls, it is rather inspiring and dreamy! 

Stein's many ensembles range from preppy to feminine to glamorous, but no matter what she wears on any given day, she's consistent about maintaining a polished, streamlined aesthetic. That means no piled-on jewelry or excessive layers; rather, Stein exercises careful restraint in the accessories department, accenting her looks with only one or two statement pieces-a gleaming gold cuff here, a handheld vintage clutch there. Even though she embraces vibrant colours and lively prints, Stein's cool, minimalistic approach infuses each look with elegance beyond her years!

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Feel like you are suffering from a mega girl crush now? Yea, we all are!
'I want to be as feminine and glamorous as Jessica Stein!'
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