Be true to WHO YOU ARE!

Be true to WHO YOU ARE!

The hottest topic this week must be Bruce Jenner landed on Vanity Fair's cover in his new identity as Caitlyn for the very first time. 
Conde Nast's Vanity Fair has released the cover of its July issue via social media more than a week before print copies go on sale June 9 and of course,
the cover is breaking the Internet ! 

Who is Bruce Jenner? Some may ask. Bruce is an American television personality and former track and field athlete. Bruce came to international attention as a decathlete, winning the gold medal in the men's decathlon event at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, and setting a world record not beaten until 1980.
Bruce subsequently starred in numerous movies and television specials including several made-for-TV movies, and was briefly Erik Estrada's replacement on the TV series CHIPS. WHO??!!! Still doesn't ring a bell huh? How about Kim Kardashian? Yea we all know her, and Bruce is Kim's stepfather. 
So Kim Kardashian's stepfather is a WOMAN now? Yes, 'Call me Caitlyn', she says it out proud and loud. 

Caitlyn was once a guy who has been married 3 times with six children, but it doesn't stop her from being who she truly is. 
The struggling and hiding in all these years have made Caitlyn realised that if she can't even face herself and accept who she really is, then she would be lying on her deathbed, full of regrets until she dies.
Finally, at the age of 65, Caitlyn has decided to take on a gender transition and is all ready to face the whole world. 
For the Jenner children, the issue of the transition has become a non-issue. They were already aware of their father’s identity as a woman when he told them individually about the transition, and they have been incredibly supportive. "We are so proud of her," they told the public. "We all still see our dad as our dad regardless of any gender label," they added. 
What a wonderful ending! Caitlyn finally becomes who she really is, she also gained the support from her family and the public (Mostly we would say..Oh well, haters gonna hate).  ZIZTAR feels so strongly about Caitlyn's story because what she does is what ZIZTAR has always been advocates: "It is the variation which makes us unique; which gives us our identity; which gives colours to this bleak world." 
Whatever happens, don't lost yourself ZIZTARsss!!!! 

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