ZIZTAR 1st Anniversary Collection

In celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the establishment of ZIZTAR,
we are hereby pleased to introduce our '1st Anniversary Collection' to all our lovely fans out there :D 

In this special collection, the biggest element of the brand ‚ÄĒ¬†FLOWERS¬†got¬†elevated¬†to another level.
There are numerous attractively bright-coloured floral prints in the series for our ZIZTARs to fully bloomed in the magical world that we created. 

Top:  ZIZTAR No.4 Garden Crop Top
Bottom:  ZIZTAR Dream of Flower Midi Skirt
Top:   ZIZTAR Floral Rainbow Crop Top 
   Bottom:  ZIZTAR Floral Rainbow Midi Skirt               
Other than the classic brand element, ZIZTAR also mixed in the girlhood romance and playful denim fake prints to strengthen the diversity and surprises of the collection. Woman's a various and a changeful thing, ZIZTAR always advocates us to appreciate who we really are and the true meaning behind the designs is that we should reveal ourselves free from all inhibitions in the amusing clothing. 

Top (left): ZIZTAR Summer Carnival T-shirt         (right): ZIZTAR No.4 Garden Tank
Bottom (left): ZIZTAR Wonderful Jam Midi Skirt          (right): ZIZTAR Floral Rainbow Shorts


Dress: ZIZTAR 3D Spcae Dress

Top: ZIZTAR Fake Denim Patching Crop Top  
Bottom: ZIZTAR Fake Denim Print Shorts


Some of the '1st Anniversary Collection' items are already available to purchase on ZIZTAR's online store,
more items are coming up soon, stay tuned!

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