Rethinking the Autumn Wardrobe

Rethinking the Autumn Wardrobe

It’s autumn again! Wanted to look slimmer by covering up your body with different layers of clothes? NEVER! Why make yourself look chunky while you can dress in the right way and be proud of your glamourous body shape? Trust me girls, you can do way better than that.

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Wearing: ZIZTAR Geometic Ocean Long Top, Valentino Blue Lowtops Trainers

Style tips: To look effortlessly chic and keep yourself warm at the same time, simply match an oversized T-shirt with a long thin sweater.(Still rocking oversized tees in the fall!) Complete the look with your statement coat to be more stylish and pop out from the crowd.

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Wearing: ZIZTAR Letterland Maxi Cardigan, Valentino Blue Lowtops Trainers

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