ZIZTAR Editorials

ZIZTAR Editorials

We are living in digital age now, everybody has got a smart phone, everybody has got a computer. People nowadays are very used to using their electric devices to read the news, for us though, we still find printed materials very fascinating!
They are so colourful and so real. It makes you so excited when you get hold of them, and you generally can't wait to open the next page. 
Of course, we love them even more when they got ZIZTAR featuring in them :P
Here are ZIZTAR's editorial features in different international fashion magazines:
(UK) Look Magazine February, 2016

(US) Basic Magazine #Debut February, 2016 

(US) Cake Magazine (Digital) February, 2016 

(US) Modeliste Magazine January, 2016 Cover

(UK) 10 Magazine December, 2015 

(Romania) iMute Magazine Digital December, 2015

(US) McGlory Fashion Magazine #1 December, 2015

(DUBAI) Illustrado Magazine #102 December, 2015 

(Germany) C-heads Magazine Digital November, 2015

Most of the clothing in the editorials are now available to purchase now!
Go and have a look girls! -> https://www.ziztar.com/collections/new-in

Lots of LOVE,

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