Another New Selling Platform

Another New Selling Platform

So so so! We have another exciting news to share with you girls!!!
ZIZTAR is officially in Nylon Shop !!!!
Nylon magazine’s e-commerce store is a retail embodiment of the publication’s cool-girl personal. Nylon Shop keeps around 3,000 products in store, selling a variety of products.
Nylon, which was founded as a print magazine in 1999, opened its shop in 2012. Since then, the company has been building a content arm that encourages its Nylon readers to “immerse themselves in brands that matter to their lifestyle,”

The image of Nylon Shop is super cool, super trendy and super up-to-date. 
In there, you will never find anything 'uncool'.
They are rather picky about the brands that they sell in the shop, which is totally 
understandable, shops and brands do need to fight the hardest to defend their image. 

And now, ZIZTAR is in! It means we are a pretty cool brand we must say :P
check it out, more and more products will be available in the shop soon!
Or of course, you can always stay with your familiar zone :) ->

Lots of LOVE,

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